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Nigerian Dwarf Does

Violet (Blissful Farms Athena) AGA #D-78005


Registered Blissful farms Athena.  Fawn and black Chamoise with bright blue eyes.  Her Grand Dam is 5 star milker, DesertNanny BF SweetPotatoPie 5*D.  


Pardon our Sawdust!

Updated information to arrive soon!

Ms. Hazel

Hazel is 100% full Nigerian Dwarf but is our one that is not registered.  Her sire and dam were both registered but there was no way to contact her sire's owner for his papers.  Sweet Hazel is our herd's alpha and the Queen of our farm.  Loving and demanding (for her animal crackers and belly scratches).

Ms. Hazel recently gave birth to two beautiful fawn and cream doelings and one gorgeous fawn buckling sired by Campion.

Clover (San Tan Valley Ranch Lucky Clover)

AGA registered San Tan Valley Ranch's Lucky Clover.  Our beautiful girl with bright blue eyes and buckskin coat.  She is extremely alert and intelligent.  A very attentive and protective Mama, she doesn't take her eyes of the little ones.

Pedigree information to be updated soon.

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